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Long Bay Villas - Villa Sea | Beach Front - Located in Fabulous Long Bay with Private Pool

Long Bay | 5 Bedrooms | From $3300 Per Night


Round Rock Estate | Waterfront - Located in Magnificent Blowing Point with Private Pool

Blowing Point | 3 Bedrooms | From $1400 Per Night
Special Offer


Round Rock Estate | Waterfront - Located in Beautiful Blowing Point with Private Pool

Blowing Point | 6 Bedrooms | From $1700 Per Night
Special Offer


Villa Amarilla | Ocean View - Located in Wonderful Shoal Bay East with Private Pool

Shoal Bay East | 1 Bedrooms | From $2100 Per Night


Villa Amarilla | Ocean View - Located in Exquisite Shoal Bay East with Private Pool

Shoal Bay East | 2 Bedrooms | From $2100 Per Night


Villa Amarilla | Ocean View - Located in Stunning Shoal Bay East with Private Pool

Shoal Bay East | 3 Bedrooms | From $2100 Per Night

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The Need To Know

Every luxury vacation destination is unique in its culture, its amenities, its attractions and the spirit that it embodies and emboldens in its guests, and Barbados is no different. The things that make Barbados truly outstanding are the ease of travel and the fell-service nature of the luxury private villa rentals on the island. With access across all major airlines, Barbados is easily one of the simplest destinations to reach, as well as one of the largest, at roughly 166 square miles, with more to do and see than other Caribbean destinations. Sport fanatics also take note: Barbados is the place for you, boasting some of the finest golfing and surfing in the region, as well as night life to celebrate your big victories! Further, the in-house service at the villas in Barbados is on a level unparalleled in the Caribbean. Cooking, cleaning, property maintenance and grounds staff is on hand at all time to ensure that guests enjoy the most of their luxury villa trip while wanting for absolutely nothing

Island Life

Barbados is by and far one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, and has also grown into a hotspot for luxury private Caribbean villa rentals, and for many very good reasons. Between the near guarantee of absolutely breathtaking weather, the exciting and unique culture, stemming from a mixture of West African, Creole, Indian and British settlers at different times in the islands history, and the world-famous white sand beaches, there isn’t a single facet of Barbados that takes away from the pleasures of a private villa rental vacation experience. The sights, tastes, opportunities and pleasures that abound on this Caribbean paradise are bountiful and varied enough to make for a splendid, once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone! The island itself is located in the Lesser Antilles range, east of South America and the Windward Islands. Only 21 miles in length and 14 miles in width, any area of this small and shimmering piece of land is fully accessible from anywhere on the island, and villa guests can take advantage of this to fully embrace the beautiful breadth of Barbados – a breadth that cannot be understated. Simultaneously serene, exciting, peaceful and lively, Barbados is a must-see destination for anyone wishing to truly LIVE the Caribbean. As would be expected, Rum is a very big deal in Barbados and any aficionado needs to make this a destination of choice. As the French make wine, Bajans make rum! Sun, breathtakingly unique beaches, wondrous foods and unimaginable pleasures are all waiting in unassailable abundance on the island, ever ready to embrace its guests entirely. One lesser-known but no less wonderful fact about Barbados is that it has a large population of small, adorable and inquisitive monkeys roaming freely across the island and visitors have often delighted in their antics during their luxury private villa vacation. The capital of Bridgetown is a bustling hub of shops, tours, beaches, secluded watering holes and unique local commodities that throw guests head first into the wonderful culture of Barbados. Located in the Parish of Saint Michael, on the western side of the island, Bridgetown is able to connect visitors to any destination via a convenient bus system, which simultaneously provides stress-free travel and also a first hand look at the lives of the locals. A popular shopping destination, as well as home to some of the best homemade Bajan hot sauces in the world, Bridgetown is a must-see for those wishing to truly live Barbados. The climate of Barbados is absolutely impeccable for a truly luxurious, peaceful private villa retreat vacation. Ranging beautifully between a year-round low of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of nearly 90, there isn’t a day that passes on Barbados that doesn’t make you truly appreciate waking up in the morning. With a “wet season” that runs between June and November, Barbados is the perfect destination to escape the wintertime blues! Tourism is an enormous part of Barbados’ economy and guests will learn this first hand as they see the island itself open up before them, as before royalty, happily providing the very best of anything that anyone could desire! Finally, unique to Barbados is that nearly every villa on the island is complete with full staff: cook, maid, laundress and gardener, to ensure that guests need not lift a finger whilst soaking in the pleasures of this island paradise during their luxury private villa rental escape. Key Information Prior to Arrival: Airport: Grantley Adams International Airport – the islands only airport, which accepts flights from many international airlines as well as smaller, local companies as well, Grantley Adams is well-regarded as one of the major hubs for flights in the Caribbean, be they from Europe and North America, or from other islands in proximity to Barbados. Flight time to Barbados from major cities: New York City = ~5 hours, Chicago = ~7 hours, Toronto = ~5 hours. Transportation: a vast island-wide bus service exists on Barbados. The buses, called ZR’s (pronounced Canadian-style, as in Zed-R’s) can connect guests to any desired destination and depart generally from Bridgetown in the south and Speightstown in the north. Currency: Barbados has it’s own currency, the Bajan Dollar (BBD), which can be purchased at exchange, though the US dollar is widely accepted on the island.

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